Frequently Asked Questions
Membership Information and Support
Q: What is NCDXF?
The Northern California DX Foundation itself is a private foundation described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Cod.  It was founded in 1972 to assist worthwhile amateur radio and scientific projects with funding and equipment.  NCDXF's funding comes entirely from voluntary contributions from members and friends, from grants from other foundations and organizations, and from investment income generated from the Foundation's initial $250,000 endowment.  An eleven member Board of Directors oversees all of the Foundation's business.  These Directors and the volunteer advisors who assist them have held responsible positions in the business or academic worlds.  They all are active amateur radio operators.  The Foundation does not have a paid staff, and no Foundation officer, director or advisor receives a salary or compensation in any form.

Q: How do I join NCDXF? How do I renew my membership?
A: See the "Join or Renew" web page at Join NCDXF.

Q: How do I update your database with my new call sign? How do I update my mailing address and/or email address?
A: Send an email with the updated information to:  Support email address

Slide shows and Video Tapes
Q: Are video tapes available in the PAL (European standard) format?
A: The video tapes in the NCDXF Library are all in the U.S. standard NTSC format.

NCDXF Beacons
Q: Where do I find information about the Foundation's International Beacon Project? Status of beacons?
A: Check out the pages at Beacons.

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