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Glenn Johnson, WØGJ

Glenn's interest in amateur radio started as a youngster listening to his grandfather's short-wave radio. He was licensed at age 15 and within three months had contacted all 50 states with a homemade crystal transmitter. He has always been interested in contesting and working DX. He has several first-place world scores and has achieved #1 Honor Roll, 5BDXCC and 5BWAZ awards.

He has NINE (maybe ten by the time you read this) First Place World scores with QRP in the ARRL 160M Contest. He has led or co-led four major DXpeditions to four Top Ten Most Wanted areas (Kingdom of Bhutan (2000), Lakshadweep (2007)), Desecheo (2009), and Navassa (2015)) all of which were awarded DXpedition of the Year. He was also a team member of the HK0NA Malpelo (2012), the K5P Palmyra (2016), and the VP6R Pitcairn (2019) DXpeditions. Glenn has been inducted into the CQ Magazine Amateur Radio Hall of Fame and the DX Hall of Fame.

His wife Vivien (KL7YL) have four children (two are married to hams) and seven grandchildren.  When their children were younger, they competed in ham radio contesting from their home and from many countries. He and his wife home-schooled their four children.

Glenn retired from the Mayo Clinic after practicing orthopedic surgery for 45 years.

His other area of interest is teaching orthopedic surgery in third world countries as a member of Orthopedics Overseas. He has spent a lot of time at a crippled children's hospital in Bethlehem, Israel, and has had four tours of duty in The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains. In addition to teaching medicine, he also brought amateur radio into Bhutan. He (and his kids!) taught the first group of hams licensed in the country and in later years helped establish club stations in several high schools throughout the country. For this work he received the prestigious 2004 ARRL Humanitarian of the Year Award. 

Glenn has an undergraduate degree in Forestry.  Glenn has many other interests including gunsmithing, beekeeping, wood working, flying (airplanes & helicopters), and draft horses and carriage driving. He is also very active in local community affairs and in his local church.

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