NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project

The Beacons

Slot DX Entity Call Location Grid Square Operator Listen
1 United Nations 4U1UN New York City FN3Øas UNRC
2 Canada VE8AT Inuvik, NT CP38gh RAC/NARC
3 United States W6WX Mt. Umunhum CM97bd NCDXF
4 Hawaii KH6RS Maui BL10ts Maui ARC
5 New Zealand ZL6B Masterton RE78tw NZART
6 Australia VK6RBP Rolystone OF87av WIA
7 Japan JA2IGY Mt. Asama PM84jk JARL
8 Russia RR9O Novosibirsk NO14kx SRR
9 Hong Kong VR2B Hong Kong OL72bg HARTS
10 Sri Lanka 4S7B Colombo MJ96wv RSSL
11 South Africa ZS6DN Pretoria KG33xi SARL
12 Kenya 5Z4B Kikuyu KI88hr ARSK
13 Israel 4X6TU Tel Aviv KM72jb IARC
14 Finland OH2B Lohja KP20eh SRAL
15 Madeira CS3B São Jorge IM12jt Delegação Madeira
16 Argentina LU4AA Buenos Aires GFØ5tj RCA
17 Peru OA4B Lima FH17mw RCP
18 Venezuela YV5B Caracas FJ69cc RCV

Click on the callsign to see the beacon location, latitude, longitude, and grid square shown on Google Maps or Google Earth.

The slot indicates the order of transmission. Each beacon transmission is staggered by 10 seconds so that no two beacons are on the same frequency at the same time.

The beacons transmit on 5 frequencies: 14.100, 18.110, 21.150, 24.930, 28.200 MHz in a 3 minute cycle so that no two beacons transmit at the same time on the same frequency. The timing is shown on the Beacon Transmission Schedule page.

The beam heading and distance from your location to the beacons is shown on the Beacon Azimuthal Map page.