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A Warm Welcome From NCDXF's President !

Each of us knows what it feels like to hear our call come back clean, clear and correct from a DXpedition operator working through a raging pileup. Whether it is a band-slot, a new mode, an ATNO, or the one that lifts us to the top of the Honor Roll, we cannot help but smile, and perhaps to boast a bit about our great accomplishment. NCDXF has been enabling those smiles since 1972.

The primary purpose of NCDXF is to provide necessary funding for well-organized DXpeditions to rare, difficult, and expensive entities. The way it works is simple: hams and clubs world-wide (see here, and here, and here) contribute to NCDXF.  DXpedition organizers apply for a financial grant using this form. NCDXF Directors discuss the application, interacting with the organizers as necessary. We consider the application on its own merits, and also in the context of our deep experience with other DXpeditions. Then we vote. This keeps us busy. Between Visalia 2013 and Visalia 2014, NCDXF granted $99,000 to DXpeditions.

The Foundation also oversees a scholarship fund supporting educational activities related to DXing, and teams with IARU (the International Amateur Radio Union) to operate a world-wide network of power-stepping HF beacons.

The Foundation is a low-overhead operation. There are no employees. There is no paid staff. The Directors, all experienced DXers and DXpetitioners, are volunteers who pay their own travel and lodging expenses when attending meetings, conventions and working at other DX-related venues.

I'm sometimes asked: Do I have to live in Northern California? Answer: No, emphatically not. Our Directors live across the U.S. We have contributors from most U.S. states and another 51 DXCC entities. (We would love to earn DXCC – can you be the first to put your entity on our map)? In the beginning, all Foundation Directors lived in the San Francisco Bay area and held regular face-to-face meetings to get the Foundation's work done. The Internet has, of course, changed all that. While our name still reflects our Northern California roots, the activities of the Foundation are truly international in scope.

The funds which permit NCDXF to award grants come primarily from the annual contributions of our supporters in the DX community and from the earnings on our investments. Formally, NCDXF is a not-for-profit corporation, recognized as such by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. So contributions from U.S. taxpayers may be tax advantaged. Our Treasurer likes cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal. He also likes publicly-traded stock, retirement plan distributions, and for NCDXF to be included in your estate plan.

DXpeditions to rare entities, especially those in the Southern Ocean, are becoming more expensive, a trend which we believe will continue. If you agree with the importance of NCDXF's work, and if you are not a current contributor, I hope you will become one today by clicking here. Join NCDXF in handing out big smiles from rare entities. Email me via president <at> ncdxf.org any time you have a question or comment about the Foundation or its work.

Warmest regards and the best of DX,

Tom Berson, ND2T
President, NCDXF

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